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My name is Kylee Duede and I am a professional golfer. I first started working with Danielle and Giant Strides Fitness a little over a month ago; and I am already seeing huge results! Being an athlete I was always very conscious of my health and fitness but constantly struggled with getting, and then staying, lean and toned.

Then I met Danielle. In a challenging combination of plyometrics, body weight and band work, with a core focus on cardio, Danielle helps me get the most results from every workout. The nice thing is that she customizes the program to suite my needs. She is very knowledgeable, and pushes you sufficiently past your comfort zone to make you go the extra distance.

 It’s great to have someone who both challenges and encourages me. As a professional athlete I’ve had to deal with my share of injuries; mostly in my knees. Danielle includes this information in her program to help strengthen the weaker areas and build a stronger foundation to prevent future mishaps.

 It’s only been a month, but I cannot wait to see the progress I make in the coming weeks. Thank you Giant Strides Fitness!