I Did it….I completed Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Well, I did it! I must say I am pretty proud of myself for this one, I completed my first 24 Day Challenge and I didn’t stray too far from what I was “supposed” to do. I must be honest, even though I sell Advocare products and believe in them, I still wasn’t too excited about starting this cleanse. I had just had a baby 3 months prior when I started the cleanse and I felt like it was still my right to “cheat” just a little, have coffee, a glass of wine, or some sweets since I had already given that stuff up for 9 months. However, I knew deep down that I really need to make a change in my eating habits if I was ever going to jump start my metabolism and lose the bloated feeling that I had to just jump all in and do this….and so I did!

So the day came when I was to begin the challenge, I was annoyed knowing that I was about to give up coffee and most importantly wine for the next 24 days, needless to say I knew I had to start at some point. As, I began the challenge with a less then positive attitude about it, I was pleasantly surprised when by the end of the first day I felt really good and had more energy than I had in a long time. So naturally, this gave me a slight glimmer of hope that the rest of the challenge was going to be a good one.  Yes in the first part of the challenge, called the Cleanse Phase, you do have to have a fiber drink, but in all honesty it tastes pretty good, it is not that harsh on your stomach. Also, in the cleanse phase you drink a ton of water right off the bat in the morning, between the Spark (which was my coffee replacement), fiber drink, and the 8oz of water after the fiber drink I felt like I had a great start to the day with my fluid intake.  The best part about this Challenge is that I got to eat on it, I was not starving myself at all.   I will say though through the first part, I kept waiting for my metabolism to kick up and it really didn’t.

Then I got to the second part of the challenge called the Max Phase is where everything really started to come together for me. It felt like all of a sudden the switch flipped in my body and I was starving all the time. This is when I really started to see the results of everything that I had been doing….eating right, exercising, and of course giving up my beloved coffee and wine….was really a good thing and that I could get my old body back. However, I didn’t weigh myself, take pictures, or measure myself until I was done with it all. Then the day came….it was time for the moment of truth….I am down 5 pounds which puts me with in 5 pounds of my pre pregnancy weight, and I lost 8 inches. I have also attached my pictures, which I feel really speak for themselves.

Overall, I am really pleased with my results, especially not knowing where it was going to take me and what this journey was going to be like. I do plan to do this again, knowing how great it has made me feel, I can’t wait to see what it will do when I am back to working out at 100% . Last but not least, I didn’t really miss my coffee, I have become a convert and I LOVE Spark! Now the wine on the other hand, I can’t wait to have my first drink!

Please let me know if you have any questions about this challenge or any Advocare products. I will be doing another challenge in June, and I would love to have more people join me on this journey!

2015-03-12 09.14.17     2015-03-12 09.14.55     2015-03-12 09.13.45

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