It’s Racing Season Again! Time for 1/2 Marathon Training!

It is that time of year…the scent of fall is in the air, the temperatures are finally starting to cool a little, and the racing season is just around the corner!

Why not make 2013 your year to try a 1/2 marathon? Already done one or more? What about setting a personal record in your next half?

Of course, Giant Strides Fitness is here to help you accomplish both!

I will be training a group of runners to run in the Fiesta Bowl/ Runner’s Den 1/2 marathon that will take place on December 15, 2013 in Old Town Scottsdale. If you are interested, I offer a range of racing preparations plans for both the inexperienced runner and the veteran.

For just $150 you will receive a full 11-week training plan, and weekly long runs, building in intensity and distance, on Saturdays with at various locations. If you already have a training but would like some company on your runs, you are more than welcome to join us for our long runs for just $5.00 a run. You can save and purchase an 10-run package  $45.00.

All group runs will begin the first weekend in October. Please visit the running page at for signup information.

Don’t forget our early morning workout and mid-morning fitness programs for men and women. See the website for full information, locations and prices.

See you soon!


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