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It’s Racing Season Again! Time for 1/2 Marathon Training!

It is that time of year…the scent of fall is in the air, the temperatures are finally starting to cool a little, and the racing season is just around the corner!

Why not make 2013 your year to try a 1/2 marathon? Already done one or more? What about setting a personal record in your next half?

Of course, Giant Strides Fitness is here to help you accomplish both!

I will be training a group of runners to run in the Fiesta Bowl/ Runner’s Den 1/2 marathon that will take place on December 15, 2013 in Old Town Scottsdale. If you are interested, I offer a range of racing preparations plans for both the inexperienced runner and the veteran.

For just $150 you will receive a full 11-week training plan, and weekly long runs, building in intensity and distance, on Saturdays with at various locations. If you already have a training but would like some company on your runs, you are more than welcome to join us for our long runs for just $5.00 a run. You can save and purchase an 10-run package  $45.00.

All group runs will begin the first weekend in October. Please visit the running page at for signup information.

Don’t forget our early morning workout and mid-morning fitness programs for men and women. See the website for full information, locations and prices.

See you soon!


Half Marathon Training Time!

As we head into fall, what will be your goal?  Have you ever wanted to compete in your first half marathon or get a PR in your next race? Well Giant Strides is here to help you achieve your goals. Racing season is upon us, and the Fiesta Bowl/Runner’s Den is the next race we will be competing in. Although the race is December 15th, training will begin last week in September.

If you are interested I offer racing plans for the inexperienced runner all the way to the experienced.  For just $150 you will receive a 12 week training plan as well as weekly long runs on Saturday with the group at various locations. If you already have an idea of a plan you are more than welcome to come join us on long runs for just $5.00 a run, all group runs will begin the first weekend in October. Please let me know if you are interested in joining our group.

As always, Giant Strides offers classes on Monday Wednesday, and Friday from 5:45-6:45 AM at Windgate Ranch and  9:00-10:00 AM at Windgate Ranch.  I also offer a 5:45-7:00 AM class on Tuesday and Thursday at Desert Willow Park in Cave Creek.  I would love to see you out there!  The classes are structured to focus on specific body parts during each workout.  They are designed for total body conditioning and include strength and body toning exercises using resistance bands, jump ropes, and medicine balls.  

Lastly, don’t forget to like Giant Strides Fitness on Facebook.  Here is the direct link to the page,  This will allow you to keep up on everything that is going on with Giant Strides Fitness. As well as post fitness and nutrition questions that you might have.